What U.S. Muslims Have Secretly Been Doing To White Women For Months Is Out With Sick Reason Why

As Muslims continue to systemically try to rid the world of the “infidel” through massive terror attacks, what most people don’t realize is that their other motivation is the complete genocide of the white race. Terror groups like Al Qaeda continue to call for lone wolf attacks on whites, while at the same encouraging the outbreeding of the white race through massive immigration of predominately white countries. Now a prominent Muslim leader is calling on all Muslims to do the unthinkable to white women, in order to make the white race completely extinct within a short 40 years.

If you haven’t noticed, there is an all-our war being perpetrated onto the white race. “Multiculturalism” is simply a buzz word for “white genocide,” as liberals continue to push their rhetoric of “white privilege” and “white guilt” down the throats of our young people as a way to make them feel guilt over being white. For reasons that defy all logic, liberals celebrate the fact that whites will be the minority in America within a few short years, as they continue to launch all-out attacks and demonize the white Christian male. “We have to put ourselves in a place where we are the minority,” Senator Tim Kaine said before a black audience speaking of whites.

As whites continue to be demonized and shamed if they show any pride in their heritage, liberals at the same time are doing everything in their power to erase the history of America’s ancestors, who whether you want to admit it or not, were white. Confederate monuments continue to be destroyed and demolished, as rabid liberals make it their mission to erase any evidence that that white people even existed. Now liberals’ and Muslims are working together for the full extinction of the white race, after disturbing evidence continues to emerge about what they’re plotting through with the massive refugee invasion of white countries.

Whites only comprise 10% of the global population, and with the complete invasion of European countries by Muslim “refugees,” combined with their massive breeding with numerous wives, there will be no white people left in Europe within a just a few short decades. Leaders within the European Union have admitted that the refugee crisis they’re intentionally creating is to destroy the white race, as they use the massive influx of refugees as a way to outbreed and inflict civilization jihad onto white race.

We have the same white genocide BS being pushed in America as well, as liberals continue use the buzz word like “multiculturalism” and push the rhetoric of “white guilt” down our throats, which is nothing more than a code word for white genocide. Marxist professors at universities across America continue to indoctrinate young people that being white is shameful, as they push their “white guilt” propaganda onto the masses. Thanks to the self-loathing of liberals, combined with their push for bringing hordes of third world country “refugees” to America, Muslims’ plans for the entire genocide of the white race is rapidly coming to fruition.

Momamed Elmouelhy encourages Muslims to impregnate white women in order to make white people extinct in 40 years

The Muslim President of the Halal Certification Authority in Australia, Momamed Elmouelhy, gleefully predicted this week that the white race in Australia will become completely extinct within 40 years, calling on Muslim men to “fertilize” white women by whatever means necessary to make the country completely Muslim within 4 decades. He then told white men (who he refers to as “bigots”) to kill themselves, or plan to die at the hands of Muslims, who are rapidly conquering the country.

Muslim rape gang, Faruq Patel, Amin Mohmed and Mohammed Patel

This is just part of the rhetoric that’s being pushed by Muslim leadership, as Muslim migrants are now systematically targeting white women for rape as part of their ongoing civilization jihad against whites. Earlier this week, Liverpool authorities in England reported on Muslim migrant gangs who were going through the streets attacking and raping women, just because they were white.

It’s time to wake the hell up and realize that white countries are being actively invaded so Muslims can not only kill off the infidel, but completely make the white race extinct. America’s historic good will and charitable spirit towards migrants are being exploited as we speak, and if we don’t wakeup to realize the inconvenient truth that white genocide is a real problem, these third world country migrants will literally conquer us through terror attacks, and by outbreeding us.

H/T [Foreign Desk News, Information Liberation]


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