Nine U.S. No-Go Zones Just Identified In These States After What Muslims Are Doing There Now – Stay AWAY

We live in very frightening times today. And, I am sure that every generation has faced uncertainty, but this time it seems different. We are not only battling liberals and their destructive agenda but also radical Islam.

These Muslims are doing their best to conquer the world with their hateful religion. At one time, it appeared that America was immune to this cancer, but we were wrong. After eight years of Barack Hussein Obama in the White House, it is obvious we have been infiltrated. And, now, there are chilling new reports being revealed that America is definitely in serious trouble.

A video has recently surfaced that shows Muslim enclaves being erected across the country. These enclaves are ruled by Sharia law and are in nine different states across America. These states are Alaska, California, New York, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Radical Islamic training camps in America.

What is even more disgusting is that Americans are forbidden to enter these areas. What has happened to our country?

Watch the chilling report here.

I know this is hard to believe that this is happening in our own country. Of course, after watching this video, I decided to do more digging to understand more of this terrifying epidemic. That is when I stumbled on an article by the Clarion Project, and their report was equally unnerving.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a senior official of Muslims of the Americas, a group that has been linked to terrorism, stated under oath that there are Islamic camps around the country.

Ul-Fuqra went on to say that these “Islamic villages” are all around the country but refuses to disclose any more information about their dangerous organization. He also claims to have no records on any of these groups. He even claimed that no one knows who handles the finances in any of their “Muslim-only towns”.

There are 22 Muslim-only towns in the United States.

But, that is not all of what this report detailed.

MOA says it has 22 settlements across the United States.[8] A 2006 report for law enforcement put the number at above 35 and estimated that the organization has 3,000 members. It said that the organization is set up like “classically structured terrorist cells” and that Gilani is “now known as an international terrorist.” It said that at least seven of the communes are used for paramilitary training and that members are also sent to Pakistan for further instruction. [9] There are unconfirmed reports of members being trained in Sudan.[10]

A former high-level MOA operative that was an NYPD informant says that MOA also has set up operations in Trinidad, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Venezuela. He said that the paramilitary training is now only given to a select group. He describes MOA as being cult-like and said that most of the children are taught privately on its premises and are illiterate. He says he witnessed vicious punishments, including the beating of a 50-year old woman, for violating the strict moral code set by Gilani.[11] Two former female MOA members were interviewed by a filmmaker in 2011 and told stories of abuse, polygamy, forced marriages, brainwashing and terrorist activity.[12]

You can read more of their disturbing findings HERE.  If this does not send chills up your spine, I do not know what will.

Of course, there is only one person to place the blame on and that is Barack Hussein Obama. That traitor allowed these people to enter our country unchecked and unvetted. Obama did this all under the guise of political correctness and compassion, and now our borders are flooded with these animals.

Thankfully, we have President Trump who is a huge proponent of our second amendment rights. I urge us all to stay vigilant and to carry whenever possible. Hopefully, we will be able to turn this around quickly without any more bloodshed.

What do you think about these enclaves? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T [ Angry Patriot Movement ]

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