New U.S. Product Is Helping Muslim Women Hide Terrorism In Plain Sight – Here’s What To Look For

Sixteen years ago the United States vowed vengeance for our brothers and sisters who died in the most horrific terrorist attacks to ever happen on American soil. In the beginning, we were a nation united against one enemy, and there was much progress made. Over time though, there was a slow push to accept the liberal propaganda campaign that the religion that motivated those horrible attacks wasn’t really all that bad. Maybe those people aren’t as awful as we thought, and maybe we were wrong to think they ever were.

America has regressed to the point that companies are actually working with Muslims to make the practicing of Islam easier for them. Remember guys, this is the religion that says you and I (and everyone that doesn’t believe like them) deserve death. I know there’s a nasty rumor circulating that there’s a touchy-feely version of their faith that doesn’t require them to blow us to bits, but if there are people who call themselves Muslims who don’t follow all the required teachings, they also deserve death according to their holy book.

The most recent display of this apathy toward those who’ve died at the hands of this bloody religion is done by Orly. They’ve worked with a blog called “Muslim girl” to make a “halal approved” nail polish that those who practice Islam can wear while they pray.

I love how they specify that “anyone can wear them” like we need permission to do something that Muslims do in our country. Oh really, infidels will be allowed to use the same products that you use? That’s so nice of you to allow someone so dirty and nasty to do what you’re doing. Isn’t it really more accurate that you’re copying what we have been doing for a while now, but your craziness won’t allow? I think that’s the case.

I’m going to share with you a completely straight-faced article by Glamour talking about this company who has gone totally to the other side and is working with Muslims to make them feel more at home with their hatred here:

“These days, nail polish comes in more shapes and forms than you can count on one hand: There’s dip powder, gel, acrylic, chrome, antioxidant-infused, vegan, harsh-chemical-free, the list goes on. The one option that’s been largely lacking? A polish safe for Muslim prayer, keeping Muslim women who abide by halal guidelines from getting into the nail game. But as of today, that’s about to change: Orly’s new collaboration with passes prayer standards with flying colors. They’ve dubbed the six shades #HalalPaint.

Traditional polish is typically a no-go because it creates a barrier on nails that ritual prayer water can’t pass through. Not so with #HalalPaint—created with 100 percent halal ingredients certified by the Islamic Society of the Washington Area, the capsule collection lets everyone deck their nails with breathable color and designs.

With brands working to diversify their shades and making headway on representation, the collaboration couldn’t come at a better time.

“This line is important because there are so many girls and young women who aren’t represented in mainstream beauty. They either don’t fit that definition or see things about them that are designed without them, instead of for them and by them,” said Azmia Magane,’sef of staff, in a statement. ‘This is our way of bridging that gap.’

Halal polish has been a long time coming—as the brand says, ‘The Muslim Girl x Orly collaboration is the first of many ways to cater to their needs and count them in.’ Reason enough to celebrate the collection, but even if you’re not looking for a halal-OKed polish, the range is worth looking into. According to Tal Pink, Orly’s digital director, the polish’s permeability also makes for longer-lasting manicures—and given the collab’s grape, cherry red, white, metallic taupe, beige, and glassy topcoat, we don’t see a reason to take them off.

No nail polish line would be complete without its own set of incredibly punny names, and the set did that aspect one better as well. ‘Many of us are the girls who could never find our names on a key chain, so we wanted to make sure we provided that experience through this collection,’ said founder Amani Al-Khatahtbeh. With that in mind, the website came up with shade names like ‘Haram-Bae’ and ‘Wallah Bro Wipe Out,’ along with ‘What the Fatima?’, ‘Ig-Noor the Haters,’ and ‘The Perfect Amani-cure.’

In case you weren’t annoyed enough by all of this, here’s the promotional video for Orly’s new anti-America pro-Islam product.

To be honest, we shouldn’t try to help them look like us because if they keep looking different, we can keep being reminded that they’re different on the inside too, like that they want to kill us and stuff. We should boycott any company that caters to them. If you chant “death to America” and make plans to kill us, you don’t get special beauty products. That’s the deal.

America is just the most recent casualty in a centuries-long class of the titans between Muslims and the Jewish people. This is a brotherly war that started thousands of years ago between Abraham’s legitimate and illegitimate sons. We’ve been added in because, for one, the religion needed a good reason to target Jews, and so they just branded them “non-Muslims”, which looped us into the mess, and more recently because we’ve been such great supporters of the Jewish people. Trying to accept them won’t make them less violent, if you don’t believe me, go talk to the nation of Isreal and ask them how trying to make friends with anyone who’s wanted to kill them has worked out.

I know there’s a whole lot of propaganda going around about how there’s a difference between the extremist and the “peace-loving Muslims” but I’m here to tell you that if a Muslim loves peace, he (or she) isn’t a good Muslim at all. Their religion requires that they treat you and me like we are lower than dogs.

But hey, I’m sure getting to look at pretty nails will eliminate hundreds of years of hatred.

(Source: Glamour)

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