UC Berkeley Students Go FULL RACIST, Attack White Only Students! WATCH!

UC Berkeley has always been a hotbed of radicalism and wackiness. This one just takes the cake though. Students formed a human wall in front of a bridge on campus to prevent white students from getting to their classes. Students of color were allowed to pass. White students wee forced to cross a stream if they wanted to get to their classrooms. Many did, many did not.

It looked like hundreds of students were part of this. They want safe spaces designated for gays, trans and colored students. They were furious one of their ‘safe spaces’ had been moved from the fifth floor of some building to the basement. In other words, this was one giant tantrum.

From Reason:

Student protesters at the University of California-Berkeley gathered in front of a bridge on campus and forcibly prevented white people from crossing it. Students of color were allowed to pass.

The massive human wall was conceived as a pro-safe space demonstration. Activists wanted the university administration to designate additional safe spaces for trans students, gay students, and students of color. They were apparently incensed that one of their official safe spaces had been moved from the fifth floor of a building to the basement.

According to video footage of the protest, demonstrators blocked off the bridge completely. Students who needed to get to class had no choice but to cross the stream by jumping from rock to rock. Dozens of people can be seen doing so.

In the video, the activists appeared to let several students of color pass unmolested, but white students were forced to find other routes. A few who tried to force their way through were violently rebuffed. Protesters shouted “Go around! Go around!” at a white man on a bicycle.

Another student was told, “This is bigger than you,” by a protester. “This is about whiteness.”

After that protest, these morons moved on to the campus bookstore. They posted an eviction notice there. “You are hereby notified by the students of the University of California, Berkeley, to vacate the premises immediately,” the eviction notice stated. “University administration wrongly allocated this two-story facility to a third-party corporation, keeping in line with its intensifying legacy of prioritizing financial profit over student needs.” They disrupted students and made fools of themselves as well. Frankly, they should be arrested.

Racism in the service of activism is still racism. These idiots are erasing all the work of the civil rights movement. They now want enforced segregation and they want those that are trans, gay or colored students to have superior rights to white students. That’s called racism.

How about equal rights for everyone? And while you are at it, stop acting like special spoiled snowflakes who demand to be protected, taken care of and herded. You’re an embarrassment to college students and humans in general.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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