UGLY AMERICAN: The REAL Hillary Clinton Caught On Tape, Extremely Rude To Black Student (VIDEO)

Among the many revelations in the latest round of Wikileaks dumps were that Hillary Clinton told a group of bankers that as a politician, it’s important to have both a public and private position on the issues. While many flip-flopping politicians were for a policy before they were against it, Hillary Clinton is for it and against it on the issues.

When you see her at the debates, Hillary Clinton may seem calm and collected, but that’s just the public Hillary. The private Hillary couldn’t be any more different from the public Hillary.

As TD NewsWire reported:

Look what we have here. The real Crooked Hillary Clinton caught on video tape. If you have read any of the dozens of books written about Bill and Hillary Clinton you will recognize her instantly as the “authentic” Hillary Clinton.

It is obvious that they are in a different country because there is a lady translating for the boy that asked the question. Do you think Donald Trump would be horribly rude to a young boy like Hillary is?

According to a former Secret Service agent, Hillary Clinton was continuously rude and abrasive to those who were charged to protect her life. Her security detail dutifully did their job, as professionals should, but they all “loathed” her and wanted to be on a different detail. She was hard to work for because she was so nasty and mean toward her detail. Hillary Clinton was uniformly despised by the Secret Service as a whole.

No wonder Bill keeps his distance.

And what has Donald Trump done in private? Make some comments that the kind of liberals who have nothing wrong with Bill Clinton’s history of sexually assault find offensive?

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