Excerpted from Dispatch News Desk: ISIS flag hovers and flies in United Kingdom

Believe it or not but it is true and can been seen in these photo that a radical Islamic preacher hovered ISIS flags earlier this month at a barbecue in the Welsh. Event took place in second week of June in United Kingdom.

Abu Waleed who has been banned last week for incitement to terrorism arranged a barbecue in the Welsh where ISIS flags were flying. Real name of  Abu Waleed is Shahid Janjua from Pakistan.

He is same man who released a video that demanded UK Queen to wear a burka andbrands the Duchess of Cambridge—“a whore”.

Islamic group Muslims4UK that has allegedly been promoting Radical Islam of one particularly sect immediately responded to such video saying:

These discriminatory and frankly reprehensible views should have no place in modern Islamic political thoughts. These small extremist groups’ are a disgrace and are rightly shunned by the overwhelming majority of British Muslims.


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