UK Muslim double agent ‘plotted to kill his MI5 handler and attack UK’ after infiltrating jihadist group in Syria


From Pam Gellar: How did this Muslim agent get into MI5 in the first place? Did any British official make any attempt to find out what he thought about jihad, sharia, the legitimacy of non-Muslim governments, Jews and Israel — anything? Of course not. They would rather have taken the gaspipe than show to any Muslim anything but completely and uncritical acceptance of their self-description.

“British double agent ‘plotted to kill his MI5 handler and attack UK’ after infiltrating jihadist group in Syria,” by Duncan Gardham, The Mail On Sunday, March 29, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

An MI5 agent was allegedly recruited by a terrorist mastermind in syria and sent back to Britain in a plot to launch a devastating attack against his handlers.

The agent was recruited by MI5 as an undercover informant within the radical Islamic community and he then travelled to syria where he became part of a jihadist group.

But he apparently double-crossed his British handlers and returned to London with plans to launch an ‘insider attack’ in the capital.

The Mail on Sunday has been aware of the alleged plot for more than a year but agreed to previous requests from the security services not to publish the story for ‘national security’ reasons.

Parts of the plot were reported in a story in The Mail on Sunday last year, in which we revealed that the jihadist, who has a British passport, had plans to attack Central London and that David Cameron had been briefed about the details.

This newspaper is aware of the man’s identity and further details of the investigation but are not printing them for legal reasons.

A long undercover operation was run by MI5 to try to identify linked individuals who might be travelling back from syria to launch similar attacks but this investigation has now concluded, meaning we can now report the fact that he was a potential ‘double agent’…

—Courtesy of Pamela Gellar

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