UNBELIEVABLE! FBI Didn’t Record Hillary Interview, Did Not Administer Sworn Oath

Oh, how convenient that they didn’t record her interview. So we will never know how this meeting with. This is such insanity. I can guarantee the Clinton’s threatened Comey. I mean how high is the body count?

If you can’t do your job…resign. I’m so tired of being caving when they damn well know she’s guilty. But we all knew she would never be indicted for her crimes.

More proof that the Clinton’s are above the law. Someone had tweeted this the other day which is exactly the truth:

From The Hill

Hillary Clinton did not swear an oath to tell the truth before meeting with the FBI for three and a half hours last weekend, and the interview was not recorded, FBI Director James Comey told House lawmakers on Thursday.

The lack of a sworn oath does not remove the possibility of criminal penalties against Clinton if she lied to the FBI, though he said he had “no basis to conclude” that she was untruthful.

“Still a crime to lie to us,” Comey told the House Oversight Committee.

FBI policy is not to record interviews as part of its investigations. Read More

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