UNBELIEVABLE! Istanbul Attack Mastermind Was A “Refugee” Protected By The EU


The EU is despicable. And some people are upset over the brexit? Really? The EU protects terrorists. This is all they have done. These are the people that don’t care that Islamic terrorists slaughter innocent people.

This is nothing but evil protecting evil. Another reason to never allow these so called refugees in the country.

As always..the left has blood on their hands. For anyone that thinks the left is for the people..needs to lay off the acid. The left is for the criminals. That is all they care about. God forbid they actually protect the citizens from barbarians.

From InfoWars

The suspected mastermind behind the ISIS attack on the Istanbul airport that claimed the lives of 44 people was a “refugee” who was protected by the European Court for Human Rights after Russia tried to have him extradited.

Chechen national Ahmed Chataev was on a Russian terrorism watchlist since 2003, but received asylum in Austria after he claimed that he was severely tortured and under persecution from Russian authorities.

Chataev was later arrested in Sweden after Kalashnikov assault rifles, explosives and ammunition were found in his car, but he only spent just over a year in prison.

“In 2010, Chataev was arrested in Ukraine with his mobile phone files containing a demolition technique instruction and photos of people killed in a blast,” reports RT. Read More

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