UNBELIEVABLE! White Cop DEMOTED For Calling Black Lives Matter ‘Terrorists’

A white cop was recently demoted after ranting against Black Lives Matter activists on his social media page. After the officer made a connection between terrorism and Black Lives Matter he got a swift kick in the rear end in the form of a demotion. The officer was Detective Nathan Weekley.


Weekley wrote,

“For the first time in my nearly 17 years as a law enforcement officer, I contemplated calling into work in response to the outrageous act perpetrated against my brothers. It seems like the only response that will demonstrate our importance to society as a whole. The only racists here are the piece of shit Black Lives Matter terrorists and their supporters.”

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Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan called for the officers immediate resignation. Despite the fact their was no violent or inappropriate thing he said. He was simply expressing his right to free speech about the brutality shown to police officers.

Sam Riddle of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network said,

“This post denigrates the overwhelming majority of Detroit police that serve and protect with honor while placing their lives on the line every hour of every day. Mayor Duggan we have a nation on edge due to a racial divide and the slaughter of Black Americans by police that literally get away with murder. Detroit, America’s Blackest and poorest city, cannot afford to have a policeman on duty so filled with hate for the dominant population of Detroit.”

Detroit Police Chief James Craig made a statement as well after a three hour meeting with the NAN (Al Sharpton’s group),

“I became aware the night of the posting on social media. And once becoming aware of it I notified my team so we could have a discussion. And based on the preliminary discussion assessment of it, Detective Weekley has been de-appointed down from the ranking of detective to police officer and he has been reassigned and we have opened an internal investigation into the matter.”

Regardless that they have they are beginning an investigation, they have already punished the officer! To make matters worse they did it to appease radical civil rights groups that are truly borderline hate oromanizations.

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