UNBELIEVABLE: Wikipedia Removes Orlando Shooting From ‘Islamist Terror Attack’ List

Of course they do. God forbid we show the truth on the Orlando Jihadi. I swear I am so tired of this censoring. Sponsored by the Obama regime. Anything to do on Islam will be censored. Talk about insanity.

The Orlando attack.. was a Islamic terror attack. You can try and censor that all you want. Can’t hide the truth.

We are living in a twilight zone.

From Breitbart

Wikipedia editors seem unable to agree upon whether or not the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting was in fact an Islamist terrorist attack.

The discussion began following the removal of the Orlando shooting from the terrorist attack list by the Wikipedia editor known as MrX.

In explanation for this sudden removal MrX had this to say: “I have removed the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting from this list. It does not meet the stated inclusion criteria for the list. The fact that ISIL has, via their media agency, made such a claim does not make it true.”

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