Uncivilized Big Government Neglect


American veterans have lost their civil rights, again. Yes, your white picket fence is offensive, standby for the police state to redefine your American dream. Veterans are neglected while our children think twice before wearing a shirt to school with the American flag. Multiculturalism in America, by definition, is not the problem. All cultures are welcomed amongst the land of the free. This nation is diverse, it’s a beautiful experiment…or is it? The Obama Administration are socialist farmers, while Christians and veterans are their farm animals.

Americans have an assimilation problem. This is a well known fact. The Obama Administration refuses to assimilate with American traditional values amongst the veteran community. While Obama elected officials spread big government fear tactics, they underestimate true American authority. The authority of we the people. The veterans, Christians, gun owners, and all those who refuse to bow their heads to the oppressors.

We’ve been conned into the philosophy that being socially accepted is far greater than the virtues of ones individual value system. If it’s not obvious yet, this chain reaction we’ve witnessed within our communities is the first stage of cultural Marxism.

Our Republic has been heavily breached with Socialist Healthcare and Executive abuse of power. Obama’s new American multiculturalism has allowed illegal aliens to receive Obamacare, while thousands of disabled veterans are neglected by The Veterans Health Administration. Big government is uncivilized. Unlimited federal power is unconstitutional.

The Obama Regime’s infantry is vile, repulsive, and unforgivable. Obama Regime multiculturalist’s targets American Christians and veterans for the sole purpose of retaining power over the masses. Christians are targeted by Obama’s Internal Revenue Service.

Veterans are targeted by Obama’s Department of Homeland Security. Innocent American ranchers are targeted by Obama’s Bureau of Land Management. Americans are spied on by Obama’s National Security Administration. But leave it to Obama to give American taxpayer money to Muslims in Syria…to celebrate a Muslim holiday called Eid al-Fitr. American culture requires an overhaul. Power is with the people, the veterans, not abusive public servants. The Obama Administration will chip away at veterans and Christians civil rights until they can control all those who oppose them. Revolt is well pass due.

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