Uncivilized Muslim Stomps Off TV Set After Seeing ‘Evil’ Thing Girl Did

An entitled Muslim is the center of conversation today after what he did on the set of Bear Grylls’s reality television show called The Island. According to reports, the Islamists spotted the “evil” thing a few of the girls were doing and decided to quit the show for good because of it.

Rizwan Shabir is a 27-year-old Muslim from Bradford, West Yorkshire in England, where he lives with his wife and three children. He auditioned and was selected to take part in the survivalist reality television show. At the time, he said that he hoped to be a role model for other British Muslims.

Unfortunately for him, all he did was show the world exactly how “tolerant” Muslims really are. Although the previous season of The Island featured only men, the most recent episodes had both men and women. In order to make things more interesting, they most recently merged the two gender-specific groups together – and that’s when Shabir lost it.

After quitting the show altogether, the entitled Muslim explained, “At the end of the day, I am a Muslim. I’m not used to living with women who are half-naked. This is harder than what I thought it would be.” As we all know, Muslim men force their women to cover up so that they don’t “seduce” men into raping them.

Muslim Quits Show After Seeing Women In Bikinis

Screen grab showing what women wear in The Island (Photo Source: Mail Online)

As Islam treats women as sex objects, Shabir couldn’t take all the “evil” around him as women actually decided for themselves what they wanted to wear. “Basically I’m around a group of women who are half-naked, which in my religion and culture I shouldn’t really be,” he went on to say.

Of those that hinder so-called progressivism the most, Muslims top the chart. However, those that defend the uncivilized religion the most tend to be liberals. It’s honestly a baffling and one-sided unofficial agreement that has confused a great many people.

Shabir has drawn a line in the sand for all to see. If your views don’t align with the religion of Islam, they’re wrong. Sounds like a tolerant group of people to defend, right? You can’t coexist with that.

Via Mad World News

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