After Unconstitutional Gun Confiscation Goes Into Effect, Look What’s Happening In Mississippi

While the wacky liberal states of Oregon and California continue to trample on the US Constitution and make every possible effort to take guns away from their citizens, the southern state of Mississippi is doing quite the opposite.

Yes, the state of Mississippi has done the unthinkable in the Liberal Playbook and instead of trying to take guns and ammo away from its citizens they are actually celebrating guns and ammo by giving a full “Tax-Free” weekend on all purchases. The Second Amendment weekend, as it’s called is taking place this Friday through Sunday and it actually exempts guns and ammunition from the state’s 7 percent sales tax for a whole 3 days. 7% might not seem like much, but it does add up and it’s a huge slap in the face to all those anti-gun fascists in the Democrat party who are always trying to cook up ways to restrict our second amendment rights.

This is the second year this tax holiday has taken place and it was named for the constitutional right to bear arms, the exemption was signed into law by Republican Gov. Phil Bryant in 2014. What a contrast this is to what the state of Oregon did.

Freedom Daily Reports:

The crackdown on gun control had come to a screeching halt once Donald Trump took office, but that didn’t stop Democrats from getting their way. Without warning, gun owners are now waking up to horrible news about their Second Amendment right which has just been incredibly infringed upon in a way that’s beyond unconstitutional.

Sneaky liberals plotted against Republicans and surprised everyone with what they were able to pass through the night, forcing law-abiding Americans into confiscation or face jail time.

The old saying goes that “nothing good happens after midnight” and that’s certainly the case as people are realizing what Oregon Governor Kate Brown has just signed into law. The tyrannical governor has just officially made weapons confiscation a reality for those who legally and rightfully purchased their weapons.

Oregon Senate Bill 719 “permits government officials to order the confiscation of guns, simply based off of hearsay evidence,” according to Silence is Consent. “There is no actual evidence required to order this confiscation, and before the gun owner is even given a hearing.”

This detail of the bill also goes against citizens’ 14th Amendment right, which grants Americans the right to a formal hearing before their property is seized.

The anti-Second Amendment bill doesn’t stop there as it aims to make it next to impossible for citizens whose guns were confiscated, to get them back. The process is rigorous, as a law-abiding gun owner must take the issue to court, and like a criminal, prove that they are innocent.

Since the weapons would have been ripped out of their possession without warning anyway, this could be an uphill battle to get it back.

Second Amendment watchdogs at 2A News, explains the bill and the government’s gross overreach.

On Wednesday, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed into law a Democrat-sponsored gun confiscation bill, permitting Oregon judges to order guns to be confiscated under an “Extreme Risk Protection Order”, based on hearsay evidence, and before the gun owner is permitted a hearing to challenge the order.

The law is based on Oregon Senate Bill 719 and was passed by Oregon Democrats despite widespread condemnation by constitutional scholars and gun rights groups. All but 4 Democratic senators voted in favor of the bill, while every Republican senator but one voted against the bill.

The sole “token” Republican voting for the bill, Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas, Oregon), claimed the law would “reduce veteran suicides”, and it was under that noble-sounding purpose that Democrat legislators steamrolled the bill through the legislative process.

Paul Phillips, President of Oregon Gun Owners, noted the hypocrisy and the underlying purpose of the bill. The bill, he says, will do little to prevent ‘suicides’

What it will actually do, under the guise of ‘suicide prevention’, is deprive Oregon gun owners of their legal rights under the second amendment. Gun confiscations, he says, will be “based on hearsay evidence alone, and the firearm owner is not [even] privy to a fair trial.”

This comes less than two months after California enforced forfeiture on their law-abiding gun owners.

Having started on July 1, 2017, Californian’s were forced once again to give up more of their Second Amendment right to the state thanks to the state’s liberal leadership employing the use of fear mongering to get their way once again.

Citizens were asked to turn in their gun magazines that hold ten rounds or more. They are asked to forfeit all of their magazines that hold over ten rounds, to local law enforcement, an authorized gun dealer who might purchase them from the person, or they can ship them to someone in a state that don’t share similar laws.

While the people of California are being forced to give up magazines that they spent their hard-earned money on and once legally purchased, the state is also not offering any compensation to those who comply with the law.

Although the forfeiture is voluntary, because law enforcement also doesn’t have the capital to search and seize the magazines, they are now criminal to own if and could lead to punishment if you’re caught in possession of them.

This is liberals’ systematic and sneaky approach to total and complete gun control. If they take this right away step by step and piece by piece, as seems to be the case, it won’t be long before this right granted Americans in the Constitution is totally erased.

Sadly many of us lawful gun owners were foolishly expecting the anti-gun leftist lobby to stop their evil agenda after President Donald Trump was elected. But as we all know by now all these people are so intent on having control over us that they will never stop trying to trample on our Constitution. As you read above, they succeeded in Oregon, and in my state of California, where it’s now illegal to buy or own any rifle with a bullet button or any magazine which holds over 10 rounds. And to make matters worse, thanks to that pervert Lt. Governor, soon to be Governor, Gavin Newsom, starting in 2018 all us law abiding citizens will need to buy a $50 yearly permit in order to purchase ammo for what little guns we are now allowed to own.

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Al ran for the California State Assembly in his home district in 2010 and garnered more votes than any other Republican since 1984. He’s worked on multiple political campaigns and was communications director for the Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor campaign during the primaries in 2014. He has also held multiple positions within his local Republican Central Committee including Secretary, and Vice President of his local California Republican Assembly chapter. While also being an ongoing delegate to the California Republican Party for almost a decade.

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