They were good kids, just ignore the fact he wore an ankle monitor and robbed a gun store and rammed two ATF agents with their mostly likely stolen car

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – St. Louis County police confirm there has been a shooting near the intersection of Ferguson Road and Sharondale.  The shooting occurred on Friday afternoon near the Park Ridge apartments.

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms say they are investigating a gun store burglary. Witnesses described seeing undercover officers sitting in their cars all day. One man says it appeared officers were waiting for someone.

Just after 3pm the witnesses described ATF agents closing in a blue Chevy.  They opened fire as it collided with an unmarked police car.  Agents shot at two suspects at the Park Ridge apartments after they said the suspects tried to ram a police vehicle.

Investigators towed the suspect’s Chevy car parked on the grass near the apartments.   One person was taken away by a stretcher to the hospital by ambulance.   Officer’s told the victim’s mother that he was injured by shattered glass. No word on the condition of the second person in the vehicle.

The Park Ridge Apartments are also the scene of a shooting that occurred just over a week ago.  The October 8th shooting happened within a few hundred yards of a state senator.



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