UNFIT! Look What Hillary Needed To Get Up The Stairs At Her Rally Today!

I don’t recall in any Presidential election where the candidates health was headline news almost every day. Not only is Hillary Clinton’s health constantly making headline, but it’s also commonly a part of Presidential polls. The polls continue to show a Hillary decline as Hillary continues to show a health decline.


Here are the top takeaways from the poll:
•More than 40% of registered voters now believe that Clinton is in either “below average” or “very poor” health, according to the survey of 1,501 people taken between September 12 and 13. That’s a sharp departure from another Morning Consult poll taken just at the end of August, when only 26% of respondents thought her health was subpar.
•The share of voters who think Clinton’s health is “average” remained relatively flat at 28% in the new survey. By contrast, the percentage of the electorate who think Trump is in either “above average” or “excellent” health actually ticked upwards from late August, from 33% to 36% (just 22% believe the same of Clinton).
•Voters are also keenly aware of the story, with just under 8 in 10 respondents saying they had heard either a lot or some about Clinton’s potential medical issues.

While Hillary Clinton is only 68 years-old, she’s one of those people you look at and guess their age wrong by a decade. My mom is in her 60’s too but looks 20 years younger than Hillary, at least. Usually ‘looking old’ or looking older than your age is a result of a hard life of drug use or serious medical problems. I can’t see Hillary as a hard drug user but lately I have grown suspicious of Hillary’s health. The suspicion isn’t from one particular thing, it’s from a long list of strange behaviors that have created concern with the press.

At one point it was reported that Hillary was taking Coumadin which led to speculation of a stroke and other malady’s. It was discovered that she had her executive staff conduct a research of Provigil, which is a controlled drug often prescribed for patients suffering from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis. Even her assistant Huma Abedin was caught talking about Hillary getting ‘confused and needing naps’, of which she was probably severely punished.

And then there are the videos and pictures of her looking like she passed out, looking like she stumbled, the coughing fits. Recently, another damning picture came out with Hillary unable to get up stairs alone. While this picture alone wouldn’t mean anything, there are a plethora of pictures with people holding her up in some way.

Another of the many pictures where she is physically being helped up the stairs.

Then there are pictures like this where Hillary is literally being held up while talking. It would be more rare to find a picture of Hillary not holding onto someone’s arm.

Here’s an interesting video on how the video of Hillary Passing out at the 9/11 Memorial is being taken down from the internet, page after page. It is obvious that Hillary is hiding something and her people are doing everything they can to not let the truth get out. If you see the pictures of her rallies, there are not many people. I believe that the events are purposely NOT being promoted so that her voter don’t see her in person because she looks awful.

And of course the coughing pictures, America has never been so obsessed with someone coughing. She might be the coughingest candidate to run for any office in the US, ever. Not one pic or video of her coughing but nearly every speech she gives she’s gasping for air. It’s incredibly alarming to have such a sickly candidate because she could be the next *Cough Cough HmHmm Uck Khoff Khak Khak Gack — *GASP excuse me, President of the United States.


A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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