Unfortunate Tattoo Change After Soldier’s Amputation Now Used For Motivation

Andy Grant

After stepping on a bomb in Afghanistan, British soldier Andy Grant was faced with the unbearable news that the damage caused was prompting doctors to amputate his leg. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the incision to do so happened to run straight across a tattoo that used to say, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” altering it to read, “You’ll Never Walk.”

However, rather than view the eerie change as a constant reminder of his grim reality, he instead used it as motivation against the edited words of his tattoo. He has since declared his intent to become a medal-winning runner and compete in the paralympic games.

Unfortunate Tattoo Change After Soldier's Amputation, He Uses It For Motivation

The tattoo actually used to be a tribute to the Liverpool Football Club – a soccer team – whose motto reads, “You’ll never walk alone.” Since having the last word of his tattoo involuntarily removed, Grant simply said, “It is bizarre and I just laugh about it. But it adds to my story I guess.”

“It is ironic that it says I will never walk as I have gone on to run 10k in 40 mins,” he further added. “At the moment I am just two minutes off a record for the 10k for a single leg amputee and I have that in my sights.”

In all, he states, “The fact is that regardless of what the words says, the operation allowed me to walk and run and do so much else. You have got to see the funny side of it.”

Unfortunate Tattoo Change After Soldier's Amputation, He Uses It For Motivation

The origin of Grant’s most recent story actually took place about four years ago in Afghanistan after stepping on an IED. The blast was responsible for severing his femoral artery as well as taking out a “big chunk” of his thigh as well. Mail Online further detailed that he also “broke both the fibula and tibia in his right leg and lost 6 cm of bone.”

However, after seeing his battle buddies suffer similar injuries and seem to have a better quality of life after undergoing an amputation, he decided to go through with surgery. Grant states that he still remembers the conversation he had with his surgeon, Anthony Lambert, immediately after waking up.

“Well, we had to raise a flap of skin on your leg to cover the bone ends… and it’s meant that your Liverpool Football Club tattoos are a bit messed up,” Lambert said. “The Liver bird is a bit all over the place, and your tattoo now says ‘You’ll never walk.’”

Unfortunate Tattoo Change After Soldier's Amputation, He Uses It For Motivation

Since that time, he has become a motivational speaker and traveled around the globe for events. He explains, “I have three children and an amazing family, I’m looking to row across the Atlantic, and I’m hoping to be picked for the Paralympics next year.”

“My life has moved on in an amazing way and it’s all down to what happened,” he concluded. “It’s given me more of a life than I probably would have had.”

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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