United Airlines Appeased Muslim Men Who Demanded Women On Flight Be Seated Elsewhere!

Reports indicate that two Pakistani national men made flight attendants on a United Airlines flight to make a woman move her seats because of their cultural beliefs. The victim, Mary Campos, told CBS news she had paid and pre-booked her ticket and everything. However, two men did not want to sit next to a female. Someone forgot to tell them they are flying an American Airlines in the United States of freaking America.

Campos is a senior consultant in the oil and gas industry whose a frequent flier with the airline. She told reporters the gate agent gave her a new boarding pass as the two men preemptively wanted to make sure their were no women near them. It happened this past Monday on a flight to Houston, Texas.

She told the reporters that they issued the new ticket to her without her permission or acceptance. When they were reticent about telling her why her seat had changed she pressed the, for the truth. The agent responded that the men’s cultural beliefs prohibited them from talking with or sitting next to women.

She was none to pleased citing the supposed equality between men and women in American society. A United Airlines spokesperson told CBS Los Angeles,

We regret that Ms. Campos was unhappy with the handling of the seat assignments on her flight. United holds our employees to the highest standards of professionalism and has zero tolerance for discrimination.”

If is not discriminating to tell these men they have to accommodate themselves to the standards of American society when they are visiting and travelling here. That is what everyone does. What is discriminating is treating the female flyer differently and changing her pre paid reservations because of the alternative cultural beliefs of others.

The entitlement of these men is absolutely astounding. When you are visiting someone’s countries you defer and behave in the accustomed way you do not demand special accommodations. If you do not like it then you should not come or visit here.

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