United Airlines Pilot Goes On Rant About Trump! But Conservative Passengers Get PERFECT Payback!

All hell broke loose in every mind of the passengers as a disheveled plain-clothes pilot for United Airlines showed up to rant about Trump, bash on the passengers, and blabber on about her seething divorce.

It’s obvious that the female was not in a correct mental state of mind to fly an airplane. I believe she needs a few padded walls to let her frustrations out.

She asked passengers if she should change into her uniform to fly, then talked about Trump and Clinton, then talked about offending passengers (probably a snowflake), and the reaction was priceless.

People decided that the deranged pilot was mentally unstable to fly and at least 20 passengers got OFF the plane.


Randy Reiss luckily had Internet connection and was live Tweeting the experience. It shook him to his core and he probably felt unsafe to fly with the pilot showing up haggard and ranting about her miserable divorce.

United Airlines only offered passengers a $50 voucher, but I hope they covered the cost of the tickets and got people to their destination at no extra cost.

If it’s not the passengers acting up, then now it’s the pilots. This reminds us of the time a liberal lady wouldn’t sit next to a young Trump supporter.

In this video, she causes the problem and she’s removed. She’s also wearing a turtleneck and those went out of style in the late 90s.

The only thing she’s missing is a pair of Z Cavaricci pants and penny loafer shoes.

It’s obvious that the election of Donald Trump as President has triggered people. It’s a government shake-up and people don’t know how to respond or react.

Here’s a clue. Act like an adult and realize that we have a President who’s doing what he said he’d do. We’re not used to that. It’s all going to be OK.

Trump’s only downfall is his Twitter addiction. He sometimes looks like an idiot on Twitter, and I really wish he’d put it down, but if that’s his one downfall – then I’ll gladly take it.

I’d rather have him be addicted to Twitter than overpriced vacations like Obama.

A few Trump tweets is cheaper than a few multi-million dollar Hawaii vacations.

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