University of Oklahoma Shames Engineering Students for ‘White Privilege’… Misses Key Irony


From Louder With Crowder

High schools and places of higher learning (allegedly), for whatever reason, think ‘white privilege’ is the most important problem plaguing society today (see This Ironically Racist ‘White Privilege’ Video is Being Shown in High Schools… and Colleges Now Instating Anti-White Guilt Month. Yes Really…). The University of Oklahoma? They just want you to follow the shameful, white footsteps. Literally…

The Gallogly College of Engineering website states the school will “celebrate diversity” through events that “enhance awareness of the issues faced by underrepresented members of our engineering community and promote GCoE’s inclusive climate that is welcoming of all differences.”

white privilege

Therefore, the school has taken the initiative to place “footprints” around engineering buildings that attempt to shame people for not acknowledging their “privilege” and for the fact that African Americans are not choosing to earn Ph.D.s in engineering.

Of course, the excuse used was that these are designed to promote “healthy dialogue.” Right. Listen, I’m all for a healthy dialogue. But if you truly believe that shaming people simply for being born a lighter shade promotes a “healthy dialogue,” kindly urinate into this cup. We’ll have lab results by Tuesday.

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What’s the end game here? Is the University of Oklahoma expecting white students to feel guilty for working all their lives toward a PhD? Shame for their sixteen hour workdays?

Also, to the geniuses heading up the University of Oklahoma… you missed something!

That’s right, in trying to shame white students at the engineering department, the University of Oklahoma is disproportionately targeting Asian-Americans, who excel in the field. I know I know, “Black Lives Matter” and all that jazz. But if we’re talking about recent discrimination in this country, the University of Oklahoma is asking Asian American students to “check their privilege” whose grandparents could have literally been rounded up in interment camps. This isn’t the first time this has happened. I’ve written pretty extensively about how affirmative action harms Asian students more than any other race in Universities(read “Real Racism: Asian Americans Denied College Admissions for Being Too Smart” here), if only because they’ve been very successful in the world of higher education. Read Morning

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