University Sponsors Special ‘Black-Only’ Retreat For Black Students. White Students Told to Get Lost!

Gee, I thought we were done with segregation in our schools. It seems to be making a major comeback thanks to pandering Democrats, liberals, social justice warriors and black activists.

I’m sick of this racism crap. Before Obama came into office, it was almost non-existent. No one cares what color someone is anymore. We were well on our way to a colorblind society before the racists on the left went to town. Now this. CSU Fresno held a retreat for incoming black students. No whites or other skin colors need apply and were basically told to get lost. That’s what I call racism.

These aren’t special little snowflakes coming into college life. They are just like any other freshman out there and should be treated as such. The cost of the retreat is staggering…. $16,000 and that’s before the dust settles. All that money for 52 students… 40 newbies and 12 returning students. They got free food, workshops, activities, seminars and other social events where they can go and complain about white privilege and how they are discriminated against. This is just bitingly stupid.

From Chicks On The Right:

The pre-fall semester “Harambee! Retreat” took place from August 14 to August 17 at the University Courtyard dorms, where the student participated in free meals, workshops, activities, seminars, and other social events. The students also received career and academic counseling, and assistance with financial aid and housing for the upcoming year.

“THIS EVENT IS FOR INCOMING STUDENTS OF BLACK/AFRICAN HERITAGE,” the event’s Facebook description stated in all-caps lettering.

Shirley Melikian Armbruster, associate vice president of communications at CSU Fresno, told the College Fix’s Michael McGrady the event consisted of about new 40 students plus a dozen returning students, and cost the university an estimated $16,000. Armbruster said the final cost of the event has yet to be determined. CSU Fresno is a state-funded college.

“The retreat was a student success event to assist African-American students in their transition to university life and instill a sense of belonging at the institution, which has an approximately 4 percent African-American student population, and help boost retention and graduation rates of African-American students, which are slightly below other groups at Fresno State,” she said. “With this proactive approach, the goal was to provide experiences and activities to facilitate a smooth social and academic integration of African-American students into the campus community.”

Black people are treated differently now thanks to Obama and his minions… they are treated as superior. Talk about reverse discrimination. I don’t think these people understand what ‘integration’ actually means. They need to assimilate and blend in with other students. That’s really hard to do if you are given special events, segregated into groups by skin color and are told day in and day out how you are discriminated against.

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