University of Wisconsin-Madison Students Sell Hoodies Online With Racist Anti-Police Messages

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are selling hoodies with racist anti-police messages. This must be how they raise money for keg parties.

Actually, it’s probably not. I highly doubt folks like this are welcome at parties without people getting annoyed by how annoying they are with their social justice agenda.

No one cares.


That’s not true at all. All white people are not racist. If it said “some white people are racist” then it would be true. But, if this moron stayed in school and paid attention to test taking strategies, then he would know that using a blanket statement such as “ALL” is usually incorrect.

So, take your incorrect racist anti police shirts and wipe your backside with them, because that’s all they’re worth.

Judging by what I’ve read about these racist idiots, they’re just seeking attention and doing things because their mamma’s didn’t hug them enough. What kind of idiots waste this much time at college? Go party and get straight B’s! Do something fun instead of something annoying to the entire planet.

Back when I want to college, which was around 16 years ago, the students weren’t crybabies, annoying snowflakes, or as stupid as the nonsense we see today.

Years ago, there was only a few things to do at school. It was this:

  1. party
  2. go to class
  3. play sports
  4. join clubs
  5. eat
  6. repeat



There was NO protesting.

There was NO selling RACIST SHIRTS.

There was no crying about every little thing.

There was no one who couldn’t figure out their gender.

There were no social justice people making a big deal about non-issues.

Everything was AWESOME at college.

Until now. Colleges have been flooded with idiots. Not everyone falls into this category. There are still, thankfully, awesome college students doing everything the right way. I just feel so terrible that they have to witness the group of liberal feminist low testosterone morons flooding the campuses of American colleges.

Too many of today’s college students have become a worthless group of idiots who are protesting this, protesting that, racist this, racist that – and they should be expelled. Or maybe study abroad on a one way ticket and don’t come back. We won’t miss you.

I have a message for college stupids students  who are ruining it for everyone else.

Read more of my news commentary on Freedom Daily and Trending Views. There’s only two genders.

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