UNREAL: Here’s the Disgusting Thing Race Rioters Did to the Widow of Fallen NYPD Officer


For weeks, members of the NYPD have been turning their backs on New York Mayor De Blasio as a powerful but peaceful form of protest. That action is a sign that the mayor’s anti-police comments have undermined the trust of people who wear the badge.

When De Blasio recently arrived at the funeral of slain officer Wenjin Liu, the NYPD again turned their backs on him — but now that simple action is being used by radicals to smear the entire law enforcement community.

Left wing protesters are using Twitter and other social media sites to spread a lie about the officers. They claim that the window of Officer Liu asked the NYPD not to turn their backs on De Blasio at the funeral, but the cops did it anyway.

There’s one problem with that claim: It looks like Liu’s wife never actually said it.

It appears that radical anti-police leftists simply made up that claim in order to assault the character of officers. There are no references to a direct quote by Liu’s family, and we are unable to locate a source for the claim.


They put words into the mouth of a grieving widow, and used that false story as a tool for political purposes.

Many of the social media posters who spread the falsehood are known agitators. Shaun King, for example, wasone of the loudest leftist voices during the Ferguson riots.

Other posters are established journalists who apparently refuse to fact check any claim before they launch an attack on officers.


In addition to spreading a claim that appears to be an outright lie, the anti-police voices are also massive hypocrites. When many leaders — including Barack Obama — asked the protesters in Ferguson to remain calm and peaceful, liberal rioters refused to listen.

The same group of people who chanted for “dead cops” is now outraged that police officers are trying to defend their honor.

It is complete arrogance to applaud when protesters burn a city, but pretend to hold the moral high ground when police officers perform a simple and genuinely peaceful gesture of protest.

The fact is, police officers have a voice, too. Their lives and their reputations are on the line — and it’s time to stand up against the people intent on attacking them.

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