UNREAL! Husband Arrested In Fatal Beating Of Man Who Tried To Rape His Wife

Our system is so screwed up. Again..another example of what the left has done to this country. This husband had every right to defend his wife.. by beating the shit out of the man who was trying to rape her.

To Charge him with manslaughter is despicable. I hope they drop these charges. What the hell has happened to America?

From NY Post

The enraged husband who beat a man to death with a tire iron for trying to rape his wife inside their Bronx apartment has been arrested and charged with manslaughter, police said.

“He threatened my wife,” explained Mamadou Diallo, as he was led out of the 42nd Precinct in handcuffs on Tuesday.

“He threatened my wife,” he said again, stone-faced.

The 61-year-old native of Guinea has been charged with manslaughter after coming to the rescue of his wife, Nenegale Diallo, at around 9:30 p.m. Monday after the terrified woman called him to tell him she had just broken free from an intruder who attacked her inside their Claremont Village home on Washington Avenue near East 168th Street.
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