UNREAL: NFL Allowing Beyonce To Attack Police With Her Halftime Performance #BlackLivesMatter douchebaggery

via Daily Mail: Beyoncé will perform a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement at the Super Bowl a day after releasing the new song.

The 34-year-old surprised fans on Saturday by dropping a video to Formation, which features flood-ridden New Orleans and a line of white cops facing a hooded little boy.

‘Let’s get in formation… Prove to me you got some coordination,’ she chants before the camera pans over graffiti that says: ‘stop shooting us’.

Within minutes of the video’s release, Twitter was awash with reactions to the fiercely political lyrics and scenes – and a cameo role from the singer’s four-year-old daughter with Jay Z, Blue Ivy.

It was still trending worldwide on Sunday as the Super Bowl – the most watched TV event of the year – approached.

Beyoncé is expected to perform Formation at half time – three years after sending shock waves around the world in her last Super Bowl performance with a backdrop sign that read: ‘FEMINIST’

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