UNREAL! Obama Is Sending Representative to Child Molester Thug Alton Sterling’s Funeral

Five police officers were killed by a sniper while the cops were protecting Black Lives Matter protesters. Those five officers contributed to society, had friends and families, and chose to do something with their life. They swore to protect and serve, and when they were called to monitor and protect a racist hate group known as the Black Lives Matter, the officers still showed up to work. They swore to protect, even if that means protecting the people who hate them.

Then a delusional sniper comes along and fires on the crowd, aiming for police, frightening everyone in the crowd, ruining what could have been a peaceful protest.

Where did the police go?

They ran towards the shots and helped people take cover. That’s right, the police helped protect the people who hate police. You would think the police might let them all get shot, but that’s not what police swore to do.

The five police officers lost that night in Dallas were men of courage, honor, and dignity.

And that’s exactly why President Obama won’t be at their funerals.

Instead, the American President will send a representative to Alton Sterling’s funeral. Alton Sterling was a career criminal and sex offender. But that’s who Obama finds more important.

alton sterling pedophile

Gateway Pundit – Gary Chambers, spokesman for the Sterling family, confirmed Thursday that both Civil Rights activist the Rev. Jesse Jackson and a White House representative would be attending the funeral of Alton Sterling on Friday. Jackson will be a speaker at the event along with the Rev. Al Sharpton and Louisiana Congressman Cedric Richmond.

Obama sends a representative to a funeral for a deadbeat sex offender who had a wrap sheet longer than a ten foot pole, owed about $25k in child support, and really offered nothing to his family or community.

This sends wrong message to the public and it adds to the reasons why Obama is perhaps the worst President in American history.

To disrespect police who were protecting Black Lives Matter protesters and to send a representative to a sex offenders funeral is a disgrace to hard working Americans and our police force.

If there was any doubt that Obama hated America, then this makes it all the more clear.

He’s not one of us.

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