UNREAL: Prominent Harvard Medical Doctor Fired over His Christian Religious Beliefs

If it were a muslim you know he wouldn’t have been fired.

(Conservative Post ) A hospital in Boston has successfully fired a Harvard Professor and Physician because he spoke out against the hospital’s support of the LGBT community.

Dr. Paul Church of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) lost his final appeal to the hospital’s Board of Directors to reconsider the center’s decision to fire him and revoke his medical privileges.

Church said the hospital’s continued support LGBT causes ignored the increased medical risks associated within the community.

“In doing so, the medical center ignores and marginalizes opposing worldviews on morality and sexual behaviors often based on strong religious convictions that are represented within the diversity of its staff and larger community,” Church said.

“Furthermore, it indicates a peculiar willingness to overlook high risk behaviors common to the LGBT community, which is contradictory to the larger mission of a healthcare institution to promote and model healthy choices and lifestyles,” he added.

“Voicing medical facts, religious convictions, or traditional morality is now apparently punishable by dismissal, should a member of the staff claim to be offended by such views,” Church wrote.

“While I am deeply disappointed in the outcome from these decisions, I feel that we have fought ‘the good fight’ and brought these valid concerns into the spotlight of the public arena,” he continued.

He expressed “sincere regrets” that the BIDMC administration and directors “departed from the institution’s higher mission and calling to follow a highly controversial social agenda.”

H/T: The Blaze

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