UNREAL: Soldier Suspended For Defending the U.S. Military- Offended Other Students (VIDEOS)


From Opposing Views: A Virginia high school student was suspended after he stood up in the school’s cafeteria and defended the military. His brother posted a Facebook video of the boy’s speech, which has since gone viral.

After another Broadway High School student allegedly said something negative about the military on Nov. 20, Matthew Clark stood up in the cafeteria and made a speech defending the armed services, according to the Facebook post and video his brother Rahfen Clark posted on Nov. 21. Matthew Clark is also a member of the Army National Guard, WHSV reported.

“He just said that troops that risk their lives every day are a disgrace to the military, and that they shouldn’t be in the military, and he can do our job better than we can,” Matthew said in the Facebook video. “Too scared to risk our lives for our country, to die for your country. Didn’t you say that?”

Matthew told WHSV that the student made the comments to a fellow soldier and that he simply wanted to defend his friend.


This is my little brother Mathew standing up in the middle of the cafeteria at Broadway High School defending the military and the people in it because somebody had been talking against it. Mathew did not cuss he did not do anything wrong he technically got threatened and cussed at by one of his peers because of it yet Broadway High School’s principal still suspended him. Mathew was suspended on the account of using the cafeteria as his podium to defend the military. I do not think it’s right what happened, especially since the other student who threatened and cussed at Mathew in front of the principal did not get into any trouble. Mathew actually just came home from Army basic training this summer.

Posted by Rahfen Clark on Saturday, November 21, 2015

“Nothing like that should ever be said about the military and that our troops that are fighting for our freedoms,” Matthew added.

The other student can be seen in the video crushing his milk carton, then walking away.

According to assistant principal Alisa D. Sims, the video created a major disturbance in the cafeteria, and as a result Matthew was suspended.

On Nov. 23, Matthew’s father Keith Clark attended a school board meeting and attempted to appeal his son’s suspension. The appeal was denied, however, with the school saying that it wasn’t about Matthew’s comments on the military, but rather about him voicing his opinion in a public forum.

Keith, however, said that he believed it is “very much a military issue.”

Matthew was allowed back to school on Nov. 24.

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