URGENT: Defense Secretary Responds to Concerns About Obama’s “Martial Law” Exercises

Image: US soldiers wear chemical warfare gear d

From Conservative Tribune: Defense Secretary Ash Carter stepped up on Thursday to attempt to put to rest the bulk of the speculation surrounding the Jade Helm 15 domestic special operations training exercises scheduled for this summer, flatly answering “no” to a question regarding whether or not the Pentagon was “planning to overtake Texas.”

“We’re very open and up front about our training activities in the United States, and I should say that we’re very grateful for the support of communities around the United States,” said Carter, noting that the military has tried to answer as many questions about Jade Helm as it can.

The three-month exercise scheduled to begin in July will include special operations forces from the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines, working together with the 82nd Airborne and government law enforcement agencies.

The training is set to take place on both public and private land in a number of states, mostly in the Southwest, and is purported to be designed to train our special operations forces for potential future deployment in a variety of environments, from the Middle East to Europe.

Part of what led to so much speculation and suspicion about the operation is the fact that published material outlining the operation declared both Texas and Utah as “hostile” territory, prompting Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas to direct his State Guard to keep a close eye on developments, according to Newsmax.
While the military is trying valiantly to explain itself and dismiss the speculation about Jade Helm, it is difficult for many conservatives and libertarians to accept the word of any government agency under the Obama administration, including the Pentagon.

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