URGENT: FBI Agent Just Exposed SICK Clinton CRIME That Sentence is LIFE IN PRISON!

Hillary Clinton has been accused of every crime under the sun. Because after all she is a criminal. She was even able to get away with all of her crimes when the Federal Bureau of Investigation refused to pursue their case against her despite having ample proof. However, new proof shows that Hillary Clinton is not only a liar, murderer and criminal she also attempted to bribe the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Which holds a life sentence if committed for that crime.

Clinton top aide Patrick Kennedy directly dealt with the FBI where he basically offered up a quid pro quo in which they would fundraise for them in exchange for them hiding a crucial Clinton email related to the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. He even said that he would use the OIA loophole which is colloquially known as ‘B9.’ Which means he deliberately tried gaming the system.

However, the Clinton campaign is no stranger to lying, cheating and gaming. What Kennedy specifically discussed was trading the FBI for better funding and access to place special agents in countries where they ordinarily were not allowed to go.

None of this is rumor or conjecture. It is all very real and the information which is in black and white was released and redacted by the FBI which shows their culpability.


Unfortunately her liberal pions do not care about the crimes she has committed and they do nothing but continuously ignored all of her crimes despite them being proven by the release of the Wikileaks emails.

Clinton likes to say that someone who can be angered by a tweet does not have the temprement to be President. Well I think that a person who can’t become President or Secretary of States without playing dirty does not deserve to be President either.

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