URGENT: Obama Announces “Gag Order” for All Americans … Spread This Everywhere


via Conservative Tribune: President Barack Obama is out of control. Now he thinks he can issue a gag order for all Americans — that means you and me — to prevent us from discussing firearms online.

Obviously, this is an appalling infringement of our constitutional right to freedom of speech.

The Obama administration is revising the International Traffic in Arms Regulation. You might think ITAR shouldn’t affect Americans within American borders since the “I” stands for INTERNATIONAL.

Au contraire. The State Department is clarifying the rules spelled out by ITAR. Since website communications can be seen by any individual with a computer or smartphone and access to the Internet in any country, the information therein will be considered exported and fall under ITAR.

Therefore, Internet communications about any aspect of firearms will need prior government approval. Those defying this law will be fined up to $1 million and jailed for up to 20 years. Each illegal website will be considered a separate violation (H/T Truth and Action).

This additional bureaucratic hurdle will essentially shut down any online communication about firearms. Gun manufacturers and retailers selling firearms and ammunition will be unable to do business on the Internet.

This will adversely affect their bottom lines since the Internet has been a critically important medium to reach potential customers with advertising and education information and complete a sale.

In the meantime, I plan to mention guns, even peripherally, on many of my future emails to defy Obama. To paraphrase the caption of the winning cartoon of Muhammad at the recent Muhammad cartoon show in Garland, Texas, the government says soon I won’t be able to talk about guns online; that is why I will talk about guns online.

Please share this article on Facebook and Twitter. This news must be spread. People must be warned. Our freedoms are once again under assault by the Obama administration that plans to force its unpopular agenda on all Americans.

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