Jerry Hamilton was deployed in the army four times in nine years and diagnosed with severe PTSD, however, his family knows theres more going on with his stability and the department of Veterans Affairs is not helping.

“What the hell is wrong with my husband? What’s going on? What is this? This is not just PTSD!,” Cissie Hamilton said.

The very strong drugs that the VA prescribed only alleviated his symptoms minimally, as you can see by the Facebook video they post above.

“He would isolate, never had anything to do with the family. He slept a majority of the time,” she said. “He wasn’t the same, i didn’t understand, but it wasn’t the same.”

Jerry now suffers with seizures, Uncontrollable Movement Disorder , Tourettes, Facial grimacing, Dystonia , Confusion , Dementia, Brain and Body Shocks, Nightmares and Tremors.

Here’s what Jerry’s wife wrote on Facebook in an urgent plea for help:

[quote_box_center]He has a service connection of 100% for PTSD but NOT Total and Permanent. I have been his Caregiver since 2010 and have been receiving a stipend as a caregiver for over a year in a half. Jerry is at the highest level in the caregiver program, level 3. We have recently moved to Colorado in hopes that we would be able to receive better medical care for my husband.

Upon moving to Colorado and informing the VA of the move we were informed that Jerry would need to be re-evaluated for the Caregiver program because of the move. So we went to this caregiver appointment and a few days later we receive the “VETERAN DENIAL LETTER”!

How can you go from the HIGHEST TIER TO NOTHING?! I don’t get it, now what do I do?? HE cant be left alone!! He hasn’t had a drivers license in 4 years because of the seizures and confusion and movements!!! HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING!!!!

I had to move to Colorado, the meds that were being pumped into my husband were killing him and he had NO QUALITY OF LIFE! MY children were watching my husband suffer daily from his seizures and constant movements.

My only option was to sell what I could and get my husband to a medical state. The VA just wanted to continue prescribing meds that were not working , he was having the 20 seizures a day while on their pharmaceuticals!!

Please help my family by sharing and contacting these people directly and let them know that JERRY HAMILTON NEEDS A CAREGIVER and deserves to have FURTHER TESTING for his symptoms, because the only diagnosis we have is PTSD. ( The above video was released with Jerry Hamilton’s consent).[/quote_box_center]

Contact them at their facebook if you can help 

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