URGENT: This Group Is Determined to Ban Shariah in EVERY American Courtroom


Conservative groups and activists have joined forces in an alliance called “Ban Sharia Law” to further the cause of prohibiting the use of Shariah law in American courtrooms.

Much of the Muslim world recognizes and practices Islamic Shariah law, a code based upon the Quran and other holy writings that governs virtually all aspects of life for Muslims.

There have been attempts by Muslim groups in America to begin implementing Shariah law in American cities, with an Islamic Tribunal even having been set up in Texas recently.

But those groups are facing immense push back from the American people and a number of states have taken steps to ensure that Shariah law, or any other foreign code of law, may never be practiced in American courts.

The reason for the push back against Shariah law is because it is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and Western society, as it imposes barbaric and inhumane punishments for some crimes and fails to recognize the legal rights of women, children and minorities.

According to Right Wing News, the Ban Sharia Law group is pushing a petition calling for the banning of Shariah law and encouraging others to stand up publicly against the Muslim code of laws and governance.

The group is also tracking all of the various legislation that has been passed or proposed at the state level that would ban the use of foreign codes of law, specifically Shariah.

This group should be commended for taking this stand and risking the wrath of such groups as the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Muslim Brotherhood, not to mention perpetually offended liberals who work to ensure that everybody obeys their politically correct rules.

We can only hope that this effort has not started too late.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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