MIC DROP: US Airman With No Legs And Arm DROPS DEVASTATING Bomb On Kaepernick


Colin Kaepernick should be sucking his own fist by now. His embarrassing antics and disrespect towards the American Flag and American citizens have cast him out as a dark cloud on a sunny day.

Kaepernick feels Hillary should be in prison, and I respect that, but that doesn’t have anything to do with disrespecting Americans and referencing oppression when you’re a millionaire and wouldn’t know oppression if it was a wet fish that slapped you in the face.

And this is where a real hero shows up and takes the stage. It’s like you’re at a huge concert and the headline act is about to enter. The lights darken, fog rolls along the crowd, and here comes the real superstar. The real hero. The real American who sacrificed so much so that we can continue living in America like we do.

That man is proud American Senior Airman Brian Kolfage and he’s here to stomp the oppression back into super-stupid Colin Kaepernick’s thick skull and fat oppressed wallet.


If you haven’t heard of Brian Kolfage by now, then keep your senses alert. He’s cruising through headlines each time he crushes Colin Kaepernick and his lack of respect for America.

Brian Kolfage is the most severely wounded U.S. Airman who almost lost his life fighting for the very breath of freedom you exhale while reading this.

Every breath we take, every smart/stupid thing we do, every time we can’t figure out whether to swipe or insert the chip of our credit card – it’s all thanks to guys like Brian Kolfage who fight for our freedom.

No one can say it enough…

Thank you, Brian.


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