US Army Issues Safety Measures for Military Families on ISIS’ “Kill List”… Spread This to Warn Them


From Conservative Tribune: On Friday, the U.S. Army issued security guidelines to troops stationed around the globe in response to the Islamic State group’s earlier release of a list of 100 U.S. military personnel whom it claimed were legitimatetargets for terror attacks.

“The message emphasizes actions that can be taken to mitigate potential threats from additional disclosures and avoid potentially being targeted,” the statement read. “It is likely that social media will continue to be leveraged as a tool by those who wish to threaten and/or target members or the military.”

Service members and their families were therefore urged to use caution when interacting on social media.

The list of recommended security measures would seem to indicate that Defense Department officials take the recent threats from the barbarians of the Islamic State group seriously.

Though the terrorists claimed to have hacked official government websites to obtain the information aboutmilitary personnel, the Army argued that was untrue, saying instead that they probably generated the list using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“It appears the list specifically targeted military members who are pilots or aircraft crew members in retaliation for airstrike (sic) in Iraq and Syria,” the Army message said.

The Washington Times listed several of the precautions the message recommended be taken:

  • “Think before you post. Always assume everyone in the world will be able to see what you are posting or Tweeting, even if the site limits your posts to your friends and family.”
  • Do not allow others to “tag” your sites. “Doing so makes you easier to locate and accurately construct your network of friends.”
  • “Images posted over time may form a complete mosaic of you and your family.”
  • “Avoid providing detailed accounts of your day” and limit references to military employment.
  • “Do not arrange meetings with people you meet online.”
  • “Use the peephole before opening the door to any one.”
  • “Install solid-core doors, heavy duty locks and window security systems.”
  • “Establish a safe haven.”

Many of these are common-sense, of course. One would hope that our servicemen and women would know better than to “arrange meetings with people you meet online” or to list “detailed accounts of your day” on social media. That’s good advice for anyone, whether or not radical Islamists have painted a bull’s-eye on your back.

And let’s face it: If you’re an American citizen, radical Islamists have painted a bull’s-eye on your back.

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