U.S. Debt Was $19,947,304,555,212 On Jan. 20th – You Won’t Believe Where Its NOW

The outstanding debt of the United States of America was $19,947,304,555,212 on January 20th, 2017, when Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th POTUS.

The outstanding debt on February 21, 2017, about a month later was about $19,935 billion.

You read that correctly. It went down by about 12 billion and liberals are furious about it.

But why would someone be mad that the American debt went down? Because liberals are all about themselves. They don’t care about the greater good of America because they have such a ME ME ME attitude.

The debt is down. That’s GREAT for our country.

Although, liberals are mad that TRUMP is in office while the debt dips. They’re mad because their guy, Mr. Obama, couldn’t fix the debt. Heck, he ADDED to the debt. How much does a trip to Hawaii really cost?

If Obama lowered the debt, then I’d be happy for him, the country, and all of us. Anytime that huge number goes down, that’s a good thing. It doesn’t matter who’s in the White House at the time. The fact is that the debt lowered and you should be happy it did.

But I digress back to the thought of liberals salivating angrily over their salty-tear drenched keyboards as they talk trash about Trump while he keeps winning.


By comparison, under President Obama, the US Debt burden increased by more than $200 billion in his first month in office.  Obama increased the US Debt by 2% in his first month and signed the trillion dollar ‘Stimulus’ bill which is widely considered a colossal failure and waste of US tax dollars as well.  The failed ‘Stimulus’ did not kick in till later in Obama’s first year leading to Obama’s first year deficit of $1.4 trillion.  Overall Obama doubled the US Debt during his Presidency and set records for highest deficits and the largest debt increase by any President ever.


You can’t argue with facts. The numbers state the truth.

It’s shameful if anyone is mad about Trump lowering the debt. Who cares what President does it as long as it gets done?

If Hillary Clinton was the President and the debt lowered, I’d tip my hat to her. You can’t argue the facts, and the facts are that the debt has lowered a LOT while Trump is President.

If you have alternative facts, I’d be happy to look at them.

But this is it.

Trump lowered the debt $12 billion. He deserves credit where it’s due.

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