US Marine Sends BRUTAL Letter To Obama After Fake Tears At Gun Control Speech


I just moved away from California because of the stifling and oppressive laws being imposed upon Californians. The fake concern politicians like Governor Brown show in protest of guns is what turned me off completely from California. We have a President who is just like Jerry Brown… pushing for laws that they both know will weaken and cripple the citizens ability to protect themselves.

I recently came across this scathing letter, Marine Mike Shepard wrote to Obama for his fake tears at his gun control speech that reminded me just how slimy politicians like Pres. Obama and Gov.’Moonbeam’ Brown are. Not sure if you remember it but Obama used yet another tragedy as a tool to create mass hysteria and false understanding of America’s gun laws. You see for some reason, politicians like Obama and Brown want to continue passing laws against citizens rights to bear arms. ALL of the horrible mass shootings we have seen in the past year have been result of criminals, really horrible people, BREAKING LAWS that already EXIST! Passing MORE laws against gunowners will NOT do anything to stop criminals from behaving like criminals.

Here’s what the Marine said in an open letter to Obama for using a tragedy for his political aspirations…

Mr. Obama, you are surrounded by those who only say things you wish to hear. Your tears were nothing more than a creation to justify political agenda.

Your advisers should remind you of the things our people cry about. On Sept. 25, 2014 Colleen Hufford, a 54-year-old grandmother and worker at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Okla., was murdered With a kitchen knife, by an Islamic terrorist. She was beheaded for not converting to Islam and we never witnessed a tear from your eyes.

On July 16, 2015 five Americans were killed by an Islamic terrorist Mohammad Abdulazeez and again followed by no tears. This country mourned and I had to go on Fox to ask this country to lower their flags.

The American people live by the Constitution, which you and I have sworn to protect. Your tears do not justify, nor give you the right to make your own laws through executive action. If we wanted a dictator, the descendants of King George would still control this land. I wrote your wife a letter and told her just what I have said to you.

If you don’t like the Constitution, you are free to resign and take a one-way trip out. Our forefathers gave their lives defending the Constitution. Your tears will never erase that. Your lies got you elected, but your actions have lost our respect. I pray that one day you and the rest of Washington remember that God gave you ears to listen, and the people a voice to be heard.

I pray for you daily that you might find joy in another country, so you no longer bring misery to ours. God bless you sir, I pray you start doing your job, Shep #Marine4Truth.

It is quite obvious that the tears Obama has shed publicly are insincere. I’m disgusted with his political tricks and manipulations played upon the American people. Hey, Obama… why not work on enforcing current laws designed to protect citizens from criminals instead of disarming citizens designed to weaken the People to criminals like YOU?

Watch Shepard’s interview on Fox News:

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