US Military WARNS Personnel To Avoid 37 Cities On “Day of Rage” Black Lies Matter Protests

How often do peaceful movements hold “days of rage”?

Black Lives Matter may claim to be peaceful – but their actions betray them. Some of their members call for abolishing the police – others call for their deaths. One of their members killed five of them.

They are not a peaceful movement. They’re a supremacist movement hijacking the cause of “Civil Rights” as a Trojan horse. Hopefully it just turns out to be a rumor, but the hacker group “Anonymous” announced that they’ll be holding a “day of rage” today on behalf of BLM. You can find the 37 cities, and times each protest is planned here.

Here’s the list of cities where they’re planning to hold this “day of rage.”

Among those taking this as a serious threat is the U.S. military. According to

Some military base officials are warning service members to stay away from a series of rumored protests that could take place in major cities across the U.S.

The protests, which will supposedly be organized by the hacker group Anonymous, have been called “Day of Rage” and are supposed to occur in 37 cities, including Washington, D.C., Denver, Colorado, and St. Louis, Missouri.

Internet rumor debunker, however, reports that reports of the protests are likely an unfounded, very similar to a rumor circulated in 2014.

“Those inclined to question the likelihood that an actual ‘Day of Rage’ is being planned by Anonymous, we note that this rumor is virtually identical to one that was circulated two years earlier after the shooting of teenager Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri,” the site says.

Nonetheless, military officials with several commands including U.S. Army North, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois and Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado are urging troops to stay away from locations that could become host to violence.

Will the so-called “day of rage” actually materialize this time? If it does, the rest of the public will finally see what the Black Lives Matter movement for what it really is.

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