BREAKING: US Navy SHOCKED At What They Just Saw In Water 30 Miles From U.S. Soil — FIRST In History

Russia’s spy ship, the Viktor Leonov, was spotted splashing around a little too close to American shores. It was still in international waters, which is considered waters 12 miles off our coast, so technically the ship was allowed to be there.

It’s just that Russia doesn’t usually send ships that close, so it catches people off-guard when a giant ship loaded with missiles is floating around looking at you.

Russia hasn’t been this close to American soil in a few years, so it’s always a little shocking when they show up within a NAVY SEAL stone throw.

Of course, there are people freaking out and thinking that Trump is about to begin WWIII with the Russians, but those people are idiots. So is anyone claiming this is troublesome. It’s really not.

A Russian intelligence-gathering ship has been spotted roaming the waters off the East Coast.

The SSV-175 Viktor Leonov ship was 70 miles off the coast of Delaware – in international waters – heading north, officials told Fox News.

Armed with surface-to-air missiles, the ship is capable of intercepting communications and can measure U.S. Navy sonar capability, an official said.

‘It’s not a huge concern, but we are keeping our eyes on it,’ they added.

It was not the first such move by Russian military under Trump’s presidency.

Four Russian military aircraft conducted low passes against a U.S. destroyer in the Black Sea just days prior to the spy ship was seen.

This is a ship designed to gather intelligence. We do the same thing. Everyone does. Everyone sends their so-called spies out to other places to gather intelligence and analyze the data. What do they use it for? I have no idea. Maybe bragging rights and securing cash deals or tips on horse betting. Who knows and who cares? I don’t.

While some people call this a spy ship, I’m over here calling it a Russian boat. If it was a spy ship, then why would we know about it? If you’re a spy, then you’re not supposed to be widely known.

On the contrary, how do you hide a ship? You don’t. So maybe it is a spy ship hiding in plain sight. It’s loaded with weapons, so if anyone tried anything funny, they would have a defense arsenal.

USA could blow it up in about 2 seconds, so I’m not worried.

The intelligence-gathering ship Viktor Leonov

Some people don’t like that it was within 100 miles of an American NAVY station. I can see why that’s concerning. Maybe they’re gathering data from our NAVY. We probably have satellites gathering intelligence on them. Or maybe we have little green men hiding inside Russian bases doing taste tests on vodka and stealing top secret information.

I’m not concerned about this one bit. Russia played around like this years ago and it didn’t matter.

The other reason I’m not concerned about this is because USA and Russia don’t really have any true issues with each other. They would benefit more from teaming up than they would from fighting.

We have ours, they have theirs.

It’s all good and there’s literally no reason to get stressed out about this. When you think about it, NONE of the big powerhouse countries want war. Why would they?

There’s only one way to end an article about boats. This is what the Russians are really doing. They’re out there having a party!

Language warning, don’t play in front of children.

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