US Special Forces Just Met ISIS In Hand To Hand Combat In Syria And The Results Are Devastating

America has been accused recently of not having the proper respect for Syria, because of our retaliation on their leader’s use of chemical weapons. And it’s true, we’ve got nothing for a dictator with an over inflated sadistic side who is willing to cause immeasurable pain for petty reasons. The innocent people of Syria, on the other hand, we care about; just like innocent people of every other country.

That is why, when 20 to 30 ISIS soldiers, some armed with suicide vests and other bombs, followed a truck loaded with a suspected improvised explosive device as it headed towards an American-operated base in Syria, the American soldiers handled it freedom style. This is a base where American and allied forces train Syrian national rebels and supervise regional patrols. Basically, ISIS came to take out a training ground where some soldiers from the free world were teaching the locals how to take their country back. It didn’t go so well for them.

This attack is being referred to by a spokesman for US Central Command as a “complex and coordinated attack” to take out the forces there by ISIS. The ISIS roaches were apparently dressed as US-backed rebels, carrying American equipment and rifles captured in previous raids to deceive the base guards. US forces saw through this not so clever disguise and took out the oncoming fighters at the base’s entry gate, leaving no survivors. Apparently, you can’t fake U.S. Army training, and the soldiers knew it.

The skirmish lasted several hours and required multiple airstrikes.

Unfortunately for ISIS though, if you want to pick a fight with a dog on a chain, you should know how far the chain will let him go because in the end, as one US military official put it:

“The enemy got crushed”

No Americans were hurt in this extermination of enemy forces.

H/T [ Hannity ]

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