US Special Ops Forces Spotted On The Front Lines In Fight To Retake Raqqa From ISIS

God bless all the heroes Heroes on the front lines..This is a dangerous job. It’s more dangerous when you have politicians that keep them from doing their jobs. Let’s thank Barack Hussein Obama for the mess he’s created.

They say he has blood on his hands…More like swimming in a river of blood from all the innocent people he’s allowed to be slaughtered by these ISIS demons.  It’s time we wipe them off the planet.

Godspeed to our Warriors on the front lines.

From WaPo

Just days after the U.S. military and an alliance of Kurdish and Arab groups announced the beginning of their offensive to retake Raqqa, the Islamic State’s de facto capital in Syria, images have emerged of what appear to be U.S. Special Operations forces fighting near the front lines.

The pictures, as distributed by Agence France Presse, indicate that the troops were identified as American by the group they are supporting, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The images were taken near the Syrian village of Fatisah, roughly 30 miles from the city of Raqqa. According to the photographer there were more than a dozen U.S. troops accompanying the SDF.

The troops have all the hallmarks of America’s clandestine warriors: low profile helmets, a smattering of non-traditional small arms and camouflage patterns consistent with special warfare units.  Read More

Armed men in uniform, right, identified by Syrian Democratic Forces as U.S. Special Operations forces walk in Fatisah. (Delil Souleiman/AFP/Getty Images)

Men in uniform identified by Syrian Democratic Forces as U.S. Special Operations forces ride in the back of a pickup truck in Fatisah on May 25. (Delil Souleiman/AFP/Getty Images)

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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