VA Scandal: six vets’ stories of betrayal and anger

Hear the riveting messages from 6 veterans who have been mistreated by our government.

Agency Delays $765 Million in Spending for U.S. Veterans' Care

Since the VA scandal first broke months ago it has only continued to steam roll into a larger problem for veterans. The headlines have been the most insensitive horrific things that have shocked Americans. And as Congressional members dig into the problems we only become further infuriated with the stories.

Reports of veterans waiting years to get critical appointments, only to get in after they have passed away is very common, vets not getting paid what they earned, and reports of the most heinous criminal behavior by VA employees

One thing is clear, the government system is broken. It’s become the status quo of all government branches as they destroy everything they touch. The only chance we have of turning this around is to unite Americans to common goal, one that involves doing something better the lives of millions.

If we stop caring for our veterans, we will lose the greatest force in the world as leaders flock to the private sector instead of joining the military

This video is about six soldiers, its not about reviews, systems or investigations. These heroes were promised a square deal and we let them down.

These are their stories


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