Valerie Jarrett Flips Out After US Marine Boldly Stands Up And Calls Her Out To Her Face For What She Did

Some no-name Obama-loving lady is screeching like the NOOOOOOO Girl SJW after a Marine put her in her place. Not only did a Marine put her in her place, but multiple Twitter users dissed her with some hard knock knowledge and the woman should just fade into a bush like the Homer Simpson meme. Her daughter also works for fake news CNN. Cool, right?

Remember when a bunch of people who disliked America and disrespected our military forces ran the country for eight years? Otherwise known as the Obama administration?

Well, seems that even now that Obama is out of office, his ‘co-horts’ are still crapping all over our good men and women in uniform.

Take Valerie Jarrett for example, who thanked the ACLU for their ‘service’ to our country:

The above Tweet is posted as an image. If she deletes the Tweet, then we don’t have much to talk about.

Here is the official response from the Marine.

Valerie Jarret, the former advisor to Obama, thanked a person who works with the ACLU and NIJC to retain the Affordable Care Act, aka, Obamacare. Valerie must not be on the Obamacare, because if she was, then she would know that Obamacare is expensive and provides low-grade service. It’s not a working solution to healthcare and the people who need it the most CANNOT AFFORD IT. I know this is true because I know people who were forced to buy it when their previous healthcare was canceled upon the creation of Affordable Care Act. This is really the unAffordable Care Act.

Valerie’s Tweet was noticed by a Twitter user who is possibly a Marine (go Eagles), and he calls her out on the nonsense she posted. He called her out for not ever thanking a service member during the duration of former President Obama’s two terms in the White House. This claim was backed up by several other Twitter users who called Valerie Jarret on her fake claims, proving that Valerie Jarret is the equivalent of fake news.

She responded to the Marine like this:

This was followed by Stephen Miller’s fact finding skills, which came up short. He couldn’t find anything that resembled Valerie Jarrett thanking service members on his Twitter search, thus crushing her narrative and incidentally making her look like CNN’s fake news step child.

Julia Gulia lost her marbles and darn near spilled hot #Covfefe on herself. I don’t know if it was the fake narrative from Jarrett and the lack of thanks directed toward servicemen, or the funny suggestion that Jarrett was a third wheel with Barry and Michelle.

The Deplorable Skymom reminded everyone that Valerie Jarrett made a huge goof when she thought an Army general was a waiter and asked him to get her a glass of wine. She’s so classy, right?

And then there’s this wonderful bit of information that suggests the people Valerie really thanked were paid a lot more than a Marine and always within the confines of DC. Who could that be? Her beloved Obama and his buddies? It must have been them and their “service” to the government. It’s funny that she seems to lie like this, for no reason, and then gets called out for it like a bumbling brat.

She should have said thanks and shut her mouth. That would’ve given her a sliver of respect, but now she has literally none at all. This has caused her to look like a desperate liar who keeps fibbing, so comatose by her own lies that she’s now believing them herself. The smart thing to do is own it, agree with the people who call you out, and end the conversation with the respect of others and go your separate way.

Something like “yeah, I messed up” and then moving on is way more respectable. Some people don’t realize that owning your mistakes is always more respectable than standing by a mistake.

She had one chance to gain respect from military and the general public and she missed it. Total swing and a miss. It’s like they took steroids out of baseball and no one’s hitting them out of the park. She backed up her claim with more crap than you could find in a tiny room of 100 naked people given beans and Ex-lax.

Valerie Jarrett should own her mistake and grow from it. Don’t let it linger like the Cranberries song from 1993.

I like 90’s music, but I don’t like BS.

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