Vet Doesn’t Feel Worthy Because of His “Lowly” Military Job… The “Lone Survivor’s” Reply to Him Is Going Viral


(Conservative Tribune) On Veterans Day, Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell went out of his way to make sure that a fellow Navy veteran who “didn’t feel worthy” understood that he was appreciated for his service to America.

Luttrell had posted a Facebook status on Veterans Day thanking all of America’s veterans for their service.

“Never really understood what military service meant till I was at my home watching football w/ a wife who loves me and some kids crawling over me, dog by my side and not having a worry or fear of someone taking that from me. Thank you for giving up your peace so that I may have it. God bless all of us,” read the post.

A man named Trever Greene commented on the post, stating that he didn’t feel worthy accepting the praise bestowed upon America’s veterans because he “was just a lowly DS.”

Luttrell quickly replied, emphasizing that just because Greene wasn’t on the front lines doesn’t mean he didn’t serve an important purpose towards defending America’s freedom.

“If the job you had in the military was not worthy of anything then the job wouldn’t exist,” his reply stated.

“Everyone who serves is part of the spear whether the staff, tip or razors edge. Always carry your head high and shoulders back. Enjoy this day you earned it,” he added.

You can read Luttrell’s full Facebook post here.

We’ve also isolated the exchange between Greene and Luttrell below.

Luttrell is absolutely right. Every position in the U.S. military fulfills a unique roll that helps make our military the most powerful military in the entire world.

Each and every person who served the military deserves our eternal gratitude for their sacrifice and their commitment to defending freedom.


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