When Bundy Cobb, a Veteran and a firearm instructor, went to vote a few weeks ago he wasn’t expecting to have to remove his hat.

His hat was from the NRA and he always wears it proudly. Apparently some over sensitive liberals were offended by this pro Second Amendment demonstration and asked him to remove it.


You’re not allowed to promote a candidate inside the voting station, but an NRA hat doesn’t promote any candidate.

He was asked to remove the hat, because the NRA is so closely linked to the Republican Party.

Cobb filed a civil rights suit with the help of the Southeastern Legal Foundation, who has taken up his case.

Shannon Goessling, the foundation’s executive director, released the following statement regarding that suit:

“The lawsuit filed today seeks declaratory and injunctive relief to redress and prevent the rights of Mr. Cobb and all registered voters in Douglas County against unconstitutional restrictions on free speech and free association under the U.S. Constitution. This should never happen again in Douglas County, in Georgia, or in any jurisdiction in the U.S.”

The Bill of Rights are there for a reason, liberals. Don’t mess with them.

Courtesy of Q political

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