Veteran Giving Away ALL His Worldly Possessions For TRAGIC Reason


A Minnesota veteran has recently learned of some devastating news, but instead of wallowing in it, he’s making the best of his situation. After learning that he has cancer, Bob Karlstrand has decided to give away all his belongings, including his home and $1 million retirement fund, as he will not need them much longer.

Although he may not see his 66th year on account of colon cancer and a terminal lung disease, Bob states, “I’ve had a good life so I can’t complain at all.” It is this reality that has prompted the Vietnam veteran to give away all his belongings to those who might have a better use for them.

Saying that he was an only child who never got married or had children, the end has been weighing on him pretty heavily. So, he decided that the best way to handle that reality was to do good for others.

According to Kare11, “Everything he owns, from toys and books to home appliances and furniture has to go.” With even the carpet ripped out of his living room, Bob went on to explain, “Maybe some pictures I’ll keep but in the end it’s only material things.”

That isn’t even the biggest thing Bob has decided to do either – not by a long shot.

Bob had decided back in the fall that he’d like to donate his home to Susan Haigh and her team at Habitat for Humanity. With only one stipulation, Bob signed over his home asking that it would be donated to a fellow veteran.

Veteran Giving Away ALL His Worldly Possessions For TRAGIC Reason

“I wanted to give back to the veterans if I could,” Bob said, but it doesn’t end there.

The generous veteran also paid a visit to the dean of the University of Minnesota’s nursing school, Connie White Delaney, and he donated his entire retirement fund totaling $1 million. “The school receives many gifts. This one is just deeply touching,” Dalaney said.

His donation is set to be offered as scholarships for six students this year and many more during the upcoming years. “If I can help a little bit that will be good,” Bob went on to say.

“Over the years I’ve been very fortunate to know a lot of nurses. Well, maybe not so fortunate to know a lot of nurses,” he added. “The fact that I know they are going to be helped is good enough for me.”

Only a truly kindhearted man could be capable of such an effort, and the fact that he’s a veteran makes this story all the better. If you liked this story, share it so others have the chance to read it as well.

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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