Veteran says Obama shows DISRESPECT for skipping Phoenix VA Hospital (VIDEO)


Obama rode right by the VA hospital in Phoenix today but didn’t stop, despite the fact that his speech was only a few blocks away. But Obama did find the time to stop in a neighborhood to look at houses or something.

One veteran told a local Fox station that he finds it disrespectful that the president would pass right by and not stop. I agree, especially given all the problems the VA has had recently under his watch:

From the Blaze: Arizona Sen. John McCain turned to Twitter Thursday night to slam President Barack Obama for failing to visit vets during his trip to Phoenix.

The veterans had lined up on the street in their wheelchairs outside the Veterans Affairs hospital at the center of the VA scandal to watch the president go by.

“Pres Obama’s motorcade rolls by #Phoenix VA today, but he refuses to stop & visit vets – sad,” McCain tweeted.

“It is deeply disappointing that the president refused to take time to visit the veterans at the Phoenix VA, where the national scandal of mismanagement in VA health care first surfaced this spring,” he added. “There is much more work to be done to restore veterans’ confidence in the VA system responsible for their care, and a visit by the president would have made clear that it is a key priority.”

“Unfortunately, President Obama missed another opportunity to do right by those who have served and sacrificed on our nation’s behalf,” McCain concluded.

Earlier in the day, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus ripped Obama for skipping an opportunity to visit the Veterans Affairs hospital.



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