Veteran Struggled To Get a Job Because Of Whats In This Pic, But Lowe’s Hired Him Anyway!

Judy Rose was shopping at Lowe’s in Abilene, Texas. While going through a task she had done many times before she notices something that caught her off guard. She saw something unusual that she had never seen at any store before. An employee was minding his own business working when Judy decided to take a picture of what was at his feet.
She posted the picture on social media and it went viral. It turns out that the man she took a picture of was retired from the military because he had become disabled. His disability made it difficult for other employers to hire him because of his limitations.


Lowe’s, however, saw the opportunity to help this man by hiring the disabled veteran. They went a step further and brought in a special service dog to be with the man at all times in case he went into distress. Lowe’s move has captured the attention of the local public for their generous move. They even had a Lowe’s vest made for the dog since he too was technically an employee for the company.

This move to go out of their way for a Veteran isn’t surprising for Lowe’s. The company was founded by World War II veteran Carl Buchan. The company swears that Buchan’s leadership, vision, and military skills helped them grow from a small hardware store in Wilkesboro, NC, becoming the nation’s second largest home improvement retailer and FORTUNE® 50 company.

Over 14,000 military, veterans and military spouses work throughout the Lowe’s organization as they strive to recognize, honor, and respect those who serve in our country’s military, and encourage veterans, reservists and military spouses to join the Lowe’s family. I never knew that Lowe’s is a Military Friendly Employer but what they have done to help employ one disabled Veteran in Abilene Texas has expanded to teach us who read this story that sometimes there’s more to business than the bottom line.

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