WATCH: Veteran Wears TRUMP Hat To Sam’s Club, All HELL Breaks Loose

Wow…more Trump-related violence caused by the very people who call him a big mean intolerable man. Yet they are the ones inciting violence because…they don’t agree with something. CLASSIC liberals…

Of course…you won’t be seeing this in mainstream media.

I know. SHOCKER.

Ridiculously enough, this all started with a simple….. ‘sneeze’

When 67-yr-old Ricardo Garcia was out shopping at Sam’s Club- he sneezed. Shortly after that, another customer very kindly said “bless you”

Now, on a normal day, that would be the end of that and people would keep go on their way. Not the case here.

Another customer reeled around and decided put his two cents. Even though no one asked for it, of course.

This particular customer looked Garcia up and down and took note of what he was wearing. It was the “Make-America-Great-Again” hate that caught his attention real quick.

Then comes probably the ‘stupidest’ line of the year…

“I can’t bless you, you’re wearing that stupid hat”

Garcia then explains what happened next…

“I turned my back to him, and suddenly I hear ‘boom!’ A fist or something on the top of my head,” said Garcia.

He felt a pain in the side of his forehead from where he said the man had punched him.

“My hat went down on the ground, my glasses were sideways. I looked at him and saw him standing there looking at me like,

‘What do you want?’” said Garcia.

Can you believe this? The a-hole is Patrick Marcus Mickens, and he’s THIRTY-SIX years old, yet he had no problem punching an elderly man over the kind of hat he was wearing?! What has happened to people? They are going completely MAD!

Needless to say the police were called out and when they arrived they found that asshat ducking down another aisle trying to dodge them.

Both men were interviewed about the incident and thankfully….that idiot Mickes was arrested for battery on an elderly person.

Sometimes taking the high road is really hard, and it’s been proven that Democrats are just not up to doing hard things. Hence…them NEVER taking the high road.

Punching an elderly man over his opinion? ASININE!

Sounds like Mickens just might be a liberal. That’s the only way to explain his lack of tolerance for anything he does not agree with, and it’s sickening.

He must be so proud for sucker-punching a senior citizen…

Damn coward.

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