Veterans Affairs Hospital Caught Prioritizing Sex Change Treatment Over Caring For Veterans

In a throwback to the President Barack Hussein Obama era the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio was caught prioritizing their care facility to vets who want to have sex change operations. Yes, you read it correctly folks, SEX CHANGE OPERATION!

In a CBS article, Evan Young – president of the Transgender American Veterans Association – is quoted as saying, “the VA has been stepping up their game,” in reference to the hospital’s opening.

The Inspector General’s recently-released report reads:

We could not gain reasonable assurance that:

Clinical managers effectively monitor the competency of providers, physician advisors’ input is considered when making utilization management decisions, and patient safety incidents are effectively communicated to facility and Veterans Health Administration leadership.

Patient equipment is clean.

Clinicians effectively monitor patients receiving anticoagulation [blood thinner] or safely transfer patients from the facility.

Facility leaders monitor the community nursing home program and assure the safe care of patients in those homes.

Employees are trained to reduce and prevent disruptive behaviors.

Facility employees ensure a safe and healthy environment in the Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program.

Of course also in line with the disastrous Obama presidency, the hospital was found to be lacking in most everything a hospital is supposed to be except when it came to transgendered veterans services.

It’s clearly time for President Trump to clean house by firing whoever is or are responsible for this fiasco. Since this mental disorder was considered an actual mental disorder until the field of psychology was taken over by far left wing nut bags why don’t we instead of changing these people’s sexes we try intensive psychological counseling and save us hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to make a reality these people’s insanity?

One thing’s for sure, General Patton must be rolling in his grave right about now!

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